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On Your Travels: Movement for the Inactive Traveller

When travelling by plane or train: seize any opportunity offered to get up and move around. During bus travel treat your legs to the benefit offered by stops on the way and get off the bus.
An even better chance to do so exists when travelling by car – here you are in control and are able to plan yourself regular and specific periods of rest and movement.

But also while sitting you can activate the venous pump in a simple way with the “rolling motion” exercise and thus stimulate the blood to return to the heart.

Raise and lower heels alternately. Repeat 15-20 times.

By the way not only of benefit to your legs while travelling. You can do this exercise at any time and anywhere, eg in the office or in front of the tv.

Pleasant holidays for your legs:

  • always drink much and regularly while travelling. This applies in particular to long-distance flights. But please no alcohol, which distends the vessels and puts even greater strain on the legs.
  • wear comfortable shoes with the flattest heels possible.
  • at your destination: shake off travel fatigue with plenty of movement. Put up your legs –that stimulates blood return.
    Cold water poured on from the feet to the groin help the veins to contract.
    Also creams, gels, lotions or sprays with horse chestnut or red vine leaf extract will help your legs to soon forget the stress of travelling.
  • long periods of sunbathing put a strain on the venous system, as excessive heat distends the blood vessels and leads to congestion. Therefore, do not lie in the sun too long and, to compensate, provide the veins in the evening with healthy support through BELSANA support stockings.

Have your legs reach your destination fresh and rested:

BELSANA travel socks
Holidays at last! However, there is still a long way to go before relaxation and regeneration. Whether on board an aeroplane, on the bus or in the car – it means torture for your legs. Only as long as you are moving about is blood circulation stimulated by the so-called muscle pump in the legs. Long periods of sitting, especially with legs bent, make heavy work of transporting your blood back from the legs to the heart.

Travel insurance for you legs:
The slower blood flow bears a risk: blood clots ( thrombi) can form. In particular, during air travel the low air pressure and the distended veins increase the risk. Low humidity and too little liquid intake dehydrate the body and thus increase the likelihood of clotting. This can lead to thrombosis and, as a result, to pulmonary embolism.

Therefore, put on the pressure! With the help of BELSANA support socks for travel you will keep the blood flowing the natural way and you can feel carefree when floating above the clouds. Or start your well deserved holiday already in the car or on the bus.

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