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Travel Socks

Air travel can be dangerous for your legs!

Convince yourself of the beneficial effect of BELSANA travel socks!
The medically effective knee-high support socks for the long-distance tourist, the sun worshiper and the frequent flyer.
The travel socks actively prevents venous leg conditions developing while travelling and
allows you to reach your destination in a relaxed frame of mind.

BELSANA cotton knee-high support socks are medically effective and are regularly examined for their proper pressure gradient course. BELSANA cotton are therefore the ideal travel socks for thrombosis prophylaxis.
Available in four sizes and many colours.
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Besides the classic with 50% Cotton, we offer the BELSANA summer Edition with 18% breathable microfibre for warmer days. With the active compressive support around the ankles the BELSANA summer Edition is not only recommended for travel, but also for long periods of sitting or standing.
Available in four sizes and many colours.
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BELSANA vital Edition with 100 % pure, controlled organic Aloe Vera. The knee-high support socks have a beneficial effect and provide permanent skin care due to their moisturising properties. Available in four sizes and different colours. Learn more

BELSANA 280den glamour is a fashionable support stocking with high pressure at the ankle. The correctly decreasing support strength from the ankle upwards fosters the blood circulation and releases the veins. For these features, BELSANA 280den glamour are the ideal elegant travel stockings. Available as knee-high stockings, thigh-high stockings and tights in many standard colours and seasonal trend colours.
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