Compression stockings vs. support stockings

BELSANA products are divided into two categories: Medical compression stockings and support stockings.

Both product categories principally work in the same way: they help the blood in the veins to flow back from the foot to the heart by exerting pressure on the legs. The pressure is the highest in the ankle and decreases in the direction of the heart. This accelerates the return circulation to the heart and the blood circulation in the leg is significantly improved.

Medical compression stockings


While support stockings can be purchased over the counter, medical compression stockings are generally prescribed by a physician for therapeutic purposes in the case of a venous disease. Medical compression stockings guarantee a precisely defined and appropriate level of pressure on the dilated veins of the legs is exerted and a therapeutic distribution of pressure is achieved. They should be worn on a long-term daily basis. On the basis of his diagnosis, the physician determines the compression class as well as the specific application. The spectrum ranges from knee high stockings to tights, and special designs for men and pregnant women are also available. It is essential to find the most suitable design for each individual to guarantee optimal efficacy. BELSANA medical compression stockings are available in standard sizes as well as made-to-measure. The correct choice is made by taking the precise measurements of the patient’s legs.

Anti embolism stockings (TED stockings)

Both categories should not be mistaken for anti-embolism stockings (also known as TED stockings – Thrombo-Embolic Deterrent), which are designed for bed-confined patients and aim at preventing thrombo-embolic disease.

Support stockings

By contrast, support stockings are worn by healthy persons as a preventive measure against venous problems.
They are thinner than compression stockings and the pressure on the leg is not as high as with compression stockings. Nevertheless, they actively support the blood flow in the legs. They are optically indistinguishable from normal stockings and are recommended especially for all activities involving prolonged sitting or standing or during long flights or car journeys.