Ba­sic me­di­cal know­ledge

The venous sys­tem may be sim­pli­fied in­to two sys­tems: one that lies be­neath the skin and co­vers the sur­face of the bo­dy, and a se­cond that runs bet­ween the mus­cles and bo­nes and car­ri­es the main vo­lume of blood.

Wal­king – tren­dy and healthy

Wal­king is a sporting ac­ti­vi­ty that is par­ti­cu­lar­ly be­ne­fi­ci­al for your veins. A healthy walk ac­ti­va­tes the mus­cle pump, thus boos­ting in a na­tu­ral way the venous re­turn of the blood to the heart wit­hout over­loading the heart or the venous sys­tem.

Com­pres­si­on clas­ses

The le­vel of pres­su­re ex­er­ted on the legs de­pends on the se­ve­ri­ty of the pa­ti­ent's con­di­ti­on: in principle, the grea­ter the da­ma­ge to the venous sys­tem is and the sof­ter the con­nec­ti­ve tis­sue has be­come, the stron­ger and thi­cker the com­pres­si­on stockings must be.

Strong veins during pregnancy

A beautiful period full of hope for every woman, and a very special period for your body, which must now care "for two".

Vein gym­na­stics

To pre­vent the oc­cur­rence of vein con­di­ti­ons, plan a few mi­nu­tes for this short ex­er­cise pro­gram­me in­to your day – you will on­ly achie­ve the be­ne­fits through re­gu­lar trai­ning. 

Hints for healthy veins

Na­tu­re tip: Con­trast leg showers in the mor­ning and eve­ning al­so have an analep­tic ef­fect, sin­ce they in­crea­se the ten­si­on in the blood ves­sels and im­pro­ve the per­for­mance of the im­mu­ne sys­tem. High-heeled shoes are torture for feet and veins.

Com­pres­si­on stockings vs. sup­port stockings

Both pro­duct ca­te­go­ries princi­pal­ly work in the sa­me way: they help the blood in the veins to flow back from the foot to the heart by ex­er­ting pres­su­re on the legs. 

Venous dis­or­ders

Healthy and at­trac­ti­ve legs need to be ca­red for. In young peop­le this hap­pens au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly. Howe­ver, the­re co­mes a time when your bo­dy starts to need mo­re ca­re and at­ten­ti­on. 

Compression therapy

Venous disorders are treated in various ways, depending on the scale and severity of the condition. Your doctor will help you select an appropriate treatment. Modern compression therapy is a tried-and-tested method in such cases.

How to find the right si­ze

For a per­fect fit and me­di­cal­ly pro­per pres­su­re range, it is es­sen­ti­al that leg mea­su­re­ments be ta­ken with due ca­re and pre­cis­i­on. Per­fect­ly fit­ting stockings pre­vent the de­ve­lop­ment of con­ge­s­tion and improve the acceptance by patients of compression therapy.

Donning Aid BELSANA Engel

The BELSANA Angel donning aid is ideal for putting on the stockings at home or when personal mobility is restricted. The robust frame with two movable handles makes the whole procedure child's play. 

Ca­re and wa­shing

The fol­lo­wing ad­vice will help you ca­re for your BEL­SA­NA stockings in such a way that they keep their com­pres­si­on ef­fec­tiveness.