Compression therapy

Venous disorders are treated in various ways, depending on the scale and severity of the condition. Your doctor will help you select an appropriate treatment. Modern compression therapy is a tried-and-tested method in such cases.

In the early stages of treatment, internal medication (tablets or drops) and external applications (ointments or gels) may be additionally prescribed. Compression treatments are always applied following operations and after sclerotherapy treatment of spider veins or smaller varicose veins, to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the treatment. As regards the vein stripping mentioned above, this is used for “pulling out” more pronounced varicose veins.

The appropriate compression treatment is chosen to suit the clinical picture and the stage of illness, using either compression bandages or dual-tension compression stockings. These specially-knitted stockings, which no longer bear any resemblance to so-called ‘rubber stockings’, apply an external pressure on the tissue in the leg. As a result, the diameter of the leg veins can be significantly reduced, thus increasing the speed of venous return.

Such conditions allow the compression therapy to achieve its purpose – to restore functioning of the venous valves and to support the muscle-vein pumps. The effectiveness of medical compression stockings depends on the proper graduation of pressure on the leg. In order to optimally support the muscle-vein pumps, the pressure should decrease steadily from the bottom to the top. Despite its proven effectiveness, some misconceptions still remain with regard to compression therapy.

The abiding image, which is no longer accurate, of thick, unattractive rubber stockings continues to put off many people. Modern compression stockings are visually almost indistinguishable from opaque fashion stockings, while up-to-date compression therapy is both medically proven and a natural treatment that has no side-effects. Four types of compression stocking and tights are available that offer different levels of pressure. In each of these classes, the Belsana compression stocking range combines visual elegance with medical effectiveness.