The next step towards a sustainable future:

Compression stockings with recycled yarn

Good news! From 2024, our BELSANA microsoft compression stocking quality will be produced partly with recycled Q-Cycle® yarn. The excellent quality, the familiar pressure curve and the medical effectiveness of our products will remain unchanged. We have had our compression stockings tested and examined in accordance with the highest medical standards in order to ensure perfect hygiene and skin compatibility. BELSANA microsoft stockings are also OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified.

Good for your legs - 

good for the environment

What is Q-Cycle®?

Q-Cycle® is a sustainable polyamide yarn. Pyrolysis oil is obtained from chemically processed and recycled old tires, which replaces the fossil raw materials at the beginning of the value chain in the production of Q-Cycle®. The recycled raw material is added to the polyamide via an independently certified mass balance approach. The Q-Cycle® yarn is used partly in our stockings. By wearing these compression stockings, you are giving a hard-to-recycle material a second life and making a valuable contribution to the environment.

How is Q-Cycle® manufactured?

In our explanatory video, we show step by step the path from used tires to the finished compression stocking.

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Why is Q-Cycle® only used proportionally?

As a compression stocking is not only made from polyamide, it cannot ultimately be made exclusively from the sustainable and recycled Q-Cycle® yarn. Our microsoft quality consists of approx. 42% polyamide, 16% polyamide microfiber and 42% elastane. These values vary depending on the design of the stocking. For a thigh-high stocking with an open toe, the sustainable Q-Cycle® content in the end product is approx. 45%.

Why are our stockings and Q-Cycle® yarn sustainable and environmentally friendly?

Both the recycling of used tires and the production of Q-Cycle® yarn take place in Europe. BELSANA compression stockings are of course knitted here in Bamberg. This reduces long and environmentally harmful transportation routes.


In the manufacturing process of Q-Cycle® yarn, fossil raw materials such as crude oil are replaced by recycled pyrolysis oil. The recycled raw material is added to the polyamide via the mass balance approach. The mass balance approach is explained in the video below.  


The Q-Cycle® yarn has ISCC certification. This guarantees that the fossil raw material required for the production of the yarn has been replaced by recycled raw material and added to the polyamide using the mass balance approach. 

Simply explained: The mass balance approach

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Our certificates

Our stockings are certified with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 label

The Q-Cycle® yarn is certified by ISCC International Sustainability and Carbon Certification

BELSANA microsoft

Fashionable compression stockings with breathable microfibre

The medical compression stockings with fine microfiber elegantly wrap around the legs. The supple material envelops the skin in a pleasantly soft way. The breathable properties of the microfiber promote a pleasant skin climate. The delicate transparency of the fashionable stockings gives the legs an enchanting sheen. That's how beautiful and versatile compression is!