Finding the right size

Taking measurements for medical compression stockings

For a perfect fit and medically proper pressure gradation, it is essential that leg measurements be taken with due care and precision. Perfectly fitting stockings prevent the development of congestion and improve the acceptance by patients of compression therapy.

Legs must be free of clothing and free of edema for measurements to be taken (finger pressure test in the ankle area – an indentation will persist after the pressure is relieved in case of edema). The ideal time to take measurements is in the morning or immediately upon the removal of a compression bandage.

The edema-free leg should be measured whilst the patient is in a standing position. The leg that is measured must be the standing leg. If the patient is to be fitted with stockings for both legs, each leg must be measured separately.

The circumference should be measured first, whereby the various measuring points of the circumference measurements should be marked using a pen suitable for use on the skin. The length can then be measured easily using these marked points.

Measurements should be taken from the feet upwards. Each measurement is to be taken at the leg measuring points stipulated in the table.

Taking measurements for medical compression sleeves and gloves

Correct and exact measurement is the crucial requirement if a compression glove or arm sleeve is to have
a good fit and provide the right medical pressure flow.

Measurements are taken on the inside of the naked arm hanging downwards (the elbow automatically being included in the process).
The hand is also measured on the inside of the palm. The circumferences are first measured, the measuring points being marked with a skin pen at the same time. The lengths can then be easily measured on the basis of the points marked.

Finding the right size

2 steps to the right stocking size:

  • Determine the cB measurement and then find the correct size.
  • Compare the cB measurement with the other measurements required and if they fall into the same size category, then a standard item may be ordered and if there is a discrepancy a made-to-measure item must be ordered.