Small amount of input – huge effect

To prevent the occurrence of vein conditions, plan a few minutes for this shor exercise programme into your day – you will only achieve the benefits though regular training.

Frau lockert Beine im Liegen

1. Warm up – 30 secs

Always start with this exercise.
“Cycle“ on your back in smooth, flowing motion for approx. 30 secs.

Frau dehnt Beine

2. Streching – 5 x each leg

Walking position: keep tension in the calf of the extended leg for 15 seconds, then change. Repeat 5 times.

Frau macht Gymnastik im Sitzen

3. Rolling – 15-20 x

Whilst sitting, raise and lower your heels in turn.Repeat 15-20 times.

Frau im Storchengang

4. High legs –

15-20 x

Alternately lift the knees until your leg is at a right angle.
At the same time lift the heel of the supporting leg. Repeat 15–20 times.

Frau hebt liegend rechtes Bein

5. Leg-pulls – 10 x each leag

Lying on your back, pull your leg into your chest.Repeat 10 times.

Frau macht Ruderbewegungen im Trockenen

6. Rowing – 5 x

In a sitting position, simultaneously lift both extended legs, pulling arms to body.
Then bend both legs and extend the arms forward.Repeat 5 times.